Can you find me now?

Recently, Apple submitted another patent for a GPS navigation system. The patent is for a software driven device. The system would allow the Podmap user to request directions from a starting location, and the results would be returned in the form of podcast media file which would include visual maps and step by step driving instructions. If you check out the Podmap patent, you will find this statement that I’ve included below.

“A computer-implemented method for forming a map-based media item, said method comprising:(a) receiving a request for a map-based media item pertaining to mapping a route from a start location to a destination location;(b) obtaining map information based on a determined route from the start location to the destination location, the map information including text directions and at least one map image;(c) causing the text directions to be converted into voice directions; and(d) forming the map-based media item using at least the voice directions and the at least one map image.”

The question is would Apple incorporate this into one of their existing products? Applying GPS into an existing device like the iPhone would make perfect sense. Many speculate that the iPhone 2 will have a GPS chip and a 3G connection. Last year Apple signed a deal with InterDigital.  The amount was rumored to be for $20 million dollars plus royalties. InterDigital is a wireless technology company that has made contributions to 2g and 3G technology.

Perhaps when the iPhone 2 is released, we will see a GPS system? Maybe Podmap will be added to a new product line? It’s important to note that Podmap is just a patent. Apple might not be pursuing this, but giving the demand for GPS devices this seems highly unlikely.



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