New MacBook Pros on the 19th????

New MacBooks/Pros on the 19th?: “

Pretty much every Tuesday since Macworld, the rumor community has wondered if this would be ‘THE’ Tuesday, the one where we’ll finally see new MacBooks and MacBook Pros. Well, while it is a far cry from a smoking gun, there is now at least a little more evidence than usual that next Tuesday might be THE Tuesday.

Switch To A Mac notes that Amazon, long-time Apple partner/ruiner of Apple’s surprises, has a series of new MacBook Pro rebates out this week that are set to expire Monday, February 18th. The rebates offer up to $150 off current models, and while this could simply be Amazon clearing inventory, or just guessing, it seems like a more reasonable straw to grasp at than most, as Amazon has blown a couple ‘secret’ Apple announcements in the past.


(Via Macenstein.)


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