Send emails to a future date with Time Machiner

Time Machiner: Send emails to a future date


New web service Time Machiner enables you to send emails to any recipient on any future date.

You can use the service to remind yourself of upcoming events or appointments, or you can set up happy birthday emails to friends, family members, and co-workers, in one glorious chunk of time.

And, if you time it right, you can even send emails from beyond the grave. Cue Vincent Price’s ghoulish laughter.

While we think this service has its uses, some more beneficial than others, it seems to be more of a novelty at this point. Some basic features are missing: e.g., you can’t email a group of people, formatting of any kind (except for line breaks) is disallowed, you can’t add attachments, etc…

Besides, for events such as birthdays, wouldn’t it be easier to set reminders in a calendar application? If you’re averse to calendar apps, they even have calendars that are made out of real paper and hang on walls.

The most beneficial use of Time Machiner is the ability to send present advice to your future self. Maybe you’ve had an epiphany, and would like to make sure you don’t forget it. That’s where Time Machiner can really shine.

So what would your epiphany be, dear reader?

(Via Download Squad.)


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