Send free text messages with Jaxtr

Send free text messages to any phone with Jaxtr

6B5C63D9-DF84-487B-BEE3-F175AB383BA1.jpgVoIP company Jaxtr has added a new module that lets uses send free text messages to any cellphone from their Jaxtr homepage. There’s no fee for sending the message, but if the recipient has to pay per message, you might want to think twice before sending dozens of messages a day. Unless you hate the person you’re texting, of course.

We first covered Jaxtr way back in 2006 when the company released a tool for blogger and web publishers to embed a widget on their web sites that let visitors place calls to the web site author. You can also add a Jaxtr widget to social networking pages like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Orkut.

Honestly, we don’t know too many people who want to take phone calls all day from visitors to their web sites or social networking profiles. But now that we’ve discovered the free SMS service, we can actually see ourselves using Jaxtr on a regular basis.

(Via Download Squad.)


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