Geek Gift! Space Invaders Cutting Board

space invaders cutting board invades kitchens

Whether you’re slicing, dicing, or making julienne fries, this Space Invaders themed cutting board will help you get your Mise en Place in order.


As you chop your way through celery and onion, imagine your knife as a laser cannon, blasting its way through all but the most stubborn of alien invaders.

This wooden cutting board was crafted by 1337motif (great name, btw) using individual “pixels” of walnut and hard maple, and glued with FDA approved waterproof glue. The whole thing is then sealed with mineral oil and beeswax to keep the pesky alien from escaping.

The handmade board measures appx. 17.5 X 12 X 1.25″ and is available from the artist’s Etsy shop for $125. (Be sure to check out his new Zelda Tri-Force cutting board while you’re at it).

(Via technabob.)


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