Today is your B-day! iTunes 5th birthday

Apple touts 5th iTunes birthday, 10m song catalog
C6036587-0239-4A3E-8640-50A2996C7B69.jpgApple on Monday celebrated the fifth anniversary of iTunes with a look at back at all “all of the great music, video, and exclusives” that users discovered on iTunes and highlighting the songs and shows that defined each year.
On its iTunes store, Apple offered a brief history along with a collection of “best sellers”. The company, which launched iTunes on April 28, 2003, claims grew its music catalog of more than 200,000 songs and a handful of exclusive tracks to more than 10 million, according to info available at the online store — up 66 percent from the 6 million song catalog announced in early April.

Earlier this month, the company announced that the iTunes Store surpassed Wal-Mart to become the number one music retailer in the US based on data from January and February of 2008. Apple also touted that it had served over 50 million customers and sold more than four billion songs.

iTunes accounts for approximately 70 percent of digital music sold worldwide. Wired notes that in the next five years, Apple’s media service may well account for a staggering 28 percent of all music sold worldwide.

(Via MacNN.)


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