Geek Love gone bad: Steve Wozniak and Kathy Griffin broke up!

Geek Love: Steve Wozniak and Kathy Griffin all broken up

1360BB79-9685-489E-BF3B-C784EA8693A3.jpgSpeaking to an Us Magazine reporter on Saturday, comedienne Kathy Griffin declared that she and billionaire Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak have moved to Splitsville, population: Them.

“As a matter of fact,” she added, “I got an email last week from him, and he is going to marry someone else… I think he might be married. I don’t really know that for sure, though.”
Wow, with Wozniak’s marital status up in the air even while dating, it sure comes as a surprise that the two couldn’t see eye-to-eye in the relationship. It couldn’t have helped that rumors suggested the notoriously flaky Woz may have held up production of episodes of Griffin’s reality show “My LIfe on the D List” slated to air on Bravo. Still, they’ll always have Sunnyvale. (Photo AP/Danny Moloshok)”


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