Mac video/text Tutorials! Tons…..FREE!!!

Apple Video and Text Tutorials

There are tons of helpful Video and Text Tutorials on Apple’s web site – For beginners, switchers and Mac Geeks! Check em’ out, I’m sure there is something for you too!


Apple video tutorials:

Get Started With Mac
Anatomy of a Mac
Move to Mac
Windows on a Mac
Wireless Basics
Setting Up Your Wireless Network
Wireless Printing, Backup, and More

Text tutorials

Customizing Your Mac
Customize Your Mighty Mouse
Customize Your Mac With a Screen Saver
See Your Way Clear With Exposé
Open Applications Automatically on Start-up
Quickly Switch Between Applications
Dictionary Definitions in One Click
Go Home
Backup Your Music, Photos, and Other Documents
Quickly Activate Your Screensaver
Take a Quick Look
Capturing Screenshots
Using the Dock
Change the Position of the Dock
Add an Application to the Dock
Remove an Application from the Dock
Using Mail
Email a PDF
Quickly Email a Photo
Add an RSS Feed to Mail
Email a Web Link Instantly
Using Addressbook
Fill Out Forms Quickly
Automatically Add Email Addresses in Mail
Create a Birthdays Calendar
Using Safari
Blocking Internet Ads
Create Your Own Dashboard Widget
Create a Bookmark
Open a Web Page from the Dock
Using iCal
Share an iCal Schedule
Subscribe to an iCal Calendar
Using iChat
Add a Buddy to iChat
Create a Buddy Icon with Photo Booth


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