Steve Jobs on TIME’s 100 list

Steve Jobs makes TIME 100 list
6B68A359-5B4D-45BB-9944-99EB5EBD6E99.jpgApple CEO Steve Jobs has secured a place in 2008’s TIME 100, a list of who various guest contributors to the magazine consider the most influential people in the world. Barbara Kiviat describes Jobs as “great at playing the countercultural icon,” championing products like the Mac and the iPhone in face of needless industry standards; in reality he is a “canny CEO,” Kiviat argues, who “knows how to sell product.” It was Jobs and not Steve Wozniak who focused on marketing the original Apple computer, and Jobs’ efforts have led to approximately $24 billion in annual sales, supporting 22,000 workers. Stock value is said to have risen by more than 70 percent in the last year.

Jobs’ strategy is said to differ from rivals in ignoring overall marketshare, turning instead to whichever group of customers is most profitable, and selling them what they want — something exemplified by devices like the MacBook Air. More controversial may be Jobs’ personality, which Kiviat says has been described as “mercurial” and “egomaniacal,” as well as micromanaging. Regardless, she concludes, Jobs has been raking in profit for Apple bosses.

(Via MacNN | The Macintosh News Network.)


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