Google releases Visigami, open source image browser

Google releases Visigami, open source image browser


The guys over at the Google Mac blog have dropped a new little open source application called Visigami, which serves as a more “interesting” and “fun” way to browse and play around with images online. Basically, after installing the app, you can then pull in pics from Picasa, Google Images, or Flickr (iPhoto is just a suggestion so far), and then search, animate, zoom in or out on them, and even turn them right into a screensaver.

It’s a pretty neat little application — not exactly the kind of thing that anyone has probably been hoping for (it seems more fun than utilitarian), but if you find yourself often browsing photos online, this definitely seems like a more fun way to do it. And it’s one more reason to praise all the great developers working on our platform — it’s little apps like this that make the Mac user experience so much better.

(Via (TUAW).)


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