iPhone 3G-no tethering!

No tethering for iPhone 3G

Over at iPhone Atlas they’re reporting that AT&T is not planning to offer a tethering option for the forthcoming iPhone 3G. Right now AT&T does offer the option for many of their 3G phones, which allows you to use the phone as a cellular modem on a laptop as part of a $65/month data plan. According to an AT&T spokesman, however, no such Phone-As-Modem plan will be offered for the iPhone 3G.

I certainly would have been interested in tethering, especially since the 3G iPhone will allow you to receive calls while transferring data. Given that AT&T is basically eliminating the iPhone’s special status vis-a-vis their other smartphones, bringing it into line with the BlackBerry and WM data plans, it’s a shame that they’re not willing to offer parity on the tethering side. How many of you would be willing to pay extra for 3G tethering on the iPhone?

(Via (TUAW))


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