.41 savings with Amazon MP3

I purchased the Cold Play album X & Y a few tears back from iTunes. This was back in the O L D days when DRM reigned supreme over ALL the iTunes downloads. But as we all know SOME record companies said, “to hell with DRM” and iTunes Plus was born. Sure it was a few pennies more but hey, NO DRM!

Today I see on Amazon.com’s MP3 Downloads I can get the WHOLE X & Y album (I still like to call it that) for the low, low price of $1.99. That includes all 13 songs in MP3 format!

Picture 2.png

I can Upgrade my already purchased album through iTunes for $2.40…….To go with Amazon I save 41 cents.

Picture 1.png


I just got the album from Amazon!

What are your thoughts on Amazon’s MP3’s and iTunes Plus????


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