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MacGyver Film In the Works? Why not MacGruber?

MacGyver Film In the Works?
7B291EFD-E6C7-482E-8333-A0021213AF43.jpgAn anonymous reader writes “Looks like everyone’s favorite Swiss Army knife-wielding action hero may be making an appearance on the big screen. The original series creator has announced plans are in the works for a MacGyver film. Serious questions abound: Will Richard Dean Anderson reprise the role? Will filming and editing somehow be done only using a paperclip, duct-tape, and TV remote?” And who, if not Anderson, would you want to play MacGyver?

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Geek Gift! Chat Plates

Chat Plates


“Don’t talk with your mouth full” – maybe that’s what inspired Japanese designer Ikuko Nakazawa to come up with this nice set of porcelain plates.

Quirky and charming, these plates were designed to resemble conversation bubbles from manga, or Japanese comics.

This set of three plates features one large plate and two smaller plates and is perfect for serving small meals and snacks.

The Chat Plates are available from MoMA Store for $45.

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ZipHolder – Paging Mr. Johnson!

ZipHolder – A Simple Solution To An Age Old Problem


By Andrew Liszewski

I guess when I think about it, the problem of your fly accidentally coming open really only dates back to the invention of the zipper. But even if it’s not an ‘age old’ problem, it’s still a problem, particularly if it’s ever happened to you. So this simple solution created by Lisa Sjövall seems so obvious that you have to wonder why it hasn’t been thought of or even incorporated into pants already. (At least I haven’t seen it before.) The ZipHolder is basically an elastic loop that fastens to the pull tag on your zipper. When it’s done up, the loop is placed around the button on your fly which prevents the zipper from accidentally coming open. In fact it’s so simple there’s really nothing else to say about it, so to fill out this post here’s a collection of euphemisms for your fly being open.

– Your zip code is invalid.
– Your pod bay door is open, Hal.
– You’re flying low.
– I thought you were crazy; now I see you’re nuts.
– Paging Mr. Johnson…
– You need to bring your tray table to the upright and locked position.

You can get the ZipHolder from SmartaSaker for about $6.40.

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R2-D2 – Video Projector

R2-D2 – Ultimate Digital Audio and Video Projector (VIDEO)

R2-D2 - Ultimate Digital Audio and Video Projector (VIDEO)This amazing remote control Artoo unit is a complete entertainment system featuring a projector, cd/dvd player, ipod/mp3 dock, stereo sound system, multimedia card reader, USB slots and more. He can even be remote controlled to maneuver around your home. Very cool.

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Iron Man is the Best Reviewed Movie of 2008

Iron Man is the Best Reviewed Movie of 2008


Iron Man is not only a great comic book movie, but it’s a great film. Jon Favreau’s Marvel comic book adaptation is the best reviewed movie of the year (so far). The film currently has a 96% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes with 117 reviews. The only two 2008 releases which have garnered more critical acclaim have been smaller independent releases (Taxi to the Dark Side and Blindsight). The closest wide Hollywood release is the Judd Apatow-produced Forgetting Sarah Marshall with 85% (138 reviews counted). And who says that movie critics are stuck up folk who don’t appreciate popcorn flicks?

Not only that, but Iron Man is also currently the best reviewed Superhero movie of all time. Let’s take a look at the eight best-reviewed superhero movies of all time (according to Rotten Tomatoes).

  • Iron Man – 96% (117 reviews)
  • Spider-Man 2 – 93% (228 reviews)
  • Superman: The Movie – 93% (46 reviews)
  • Spider-Man 90% (206 reviews)
  • X2: X-Men United – 87% (214 reviews)
  • Batman Begins – 84% (246 reviews)
  • X-Men – 80% (141 reviews)
  • Hellboy – 79% (182 reviews)
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Geek Gift! Alien Salt and Pepper Shakers

Alien Salt and Pepper Shakers


These aliens are just fine as salt and pepper shakers. They are not the typical aliens that you expect to take over the world. Not with them wearing clothing I would expect to see on my grandparents. They may just need a quick pat down to be sure those clothes are not cover for their weapons. Sometimes that innocent look is a dead giveaway for some nefarious plot of theirs and you know how dangerous alien laser weaponry can be.

Product Page ($48)

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Picture 8.png

Take your little car for a spin on goggle maps! Cool & Fun….for awhile anyway.

TrackThis : Track your Shipping Packages using Twitter

TrackThis : Track your Shipping Packages using Twitter


TrackThis is another useful service that is built on top of Twitter. If you have a Twitter account then you can use TrackThis for tracking shipping packages. The way it works, first go to trackthis and start following it.

Once it’s in your ‘following’ list you can check on the status of the parcel by simply sending a direct message to @trackthis, i.e. 123475756756 Dell PC. From there onwards TrackThis will start tracking your item and update you every time the location of the parcel changes. And since updates go to your Twitter account you can additionally receive them on email, IM, or SMS.


  • Track shipping packges via Twitter.
  • Supported courrier services: FedEx, UPS, USPS and DHL.
  • Track as many items as you like.
  • Get updates on the status of your parcel through email, IM, or SMS.

Check out TrackThis @


Get Geek Fit! Free Video Workouts for Your iPod

Download Free Video Workouts for Your iPod
Men’s Health magazine online offers four free workout videos that you can download, drag into iTunes, and sync directly to your iPod. The routines range in intensity from the at-home muscle plan—which suggests a circuit of exercises you can do at home—to more gym-focused workouts like the “Ultimate Strength-Boosting” workout.


The videos are short and serve more as reminders for how to correctly do the exercises rather than 30-minute as-you-go walkthroughs. For even more free iPod video workouts, check out previously mentioned iPod Gym. The Men’s Health videos require a free registration with the site (or quickly stopping the page load before it hides the direct video links).

Men’s Health Downloads

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