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For “Geek” drinks! Tetris Ice Cube Tray

Tetrice – Tetris Ice Cube Tray

43F3CF2B-A072-435A-A5C8-0DBE2FDA3803.jpgMartin Zampach is a designer from the Czech Republic looking for collaborators and investors to help bring his cool silicone Tetrice – Tetris Ice Cube Tray to market. Can someone out there please help him?

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too much coffee…NEVER!

Caffeine Click Test — 'How caffeinated are you?'


Find out Now HERE!.

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Steve Jobs – best beard in Silicon Valley? You Decide!

Steve Jobs leads online voting for best beard in Silicon Valley


There are an awful lot of Silicon Valley CEOs sporting beards these days. As Michael Copeland writes in the current issue of Fortune, “it takes more than leading-edge technology and a Stanford MBA to make it big in high tech. Apparently it takes whiskers.”

So the magazine organized a contest: The Silicon Valley Beard-off. It pulled together a spread of eight unshaven execs and invited a panel of three distinguished judges to choose the best beard of the bunch. You can see the results here.

You can also vote for your favorite among the four semi-finalists: Apple’s (AAPL) Steve Jobs, Flickr’s (YHOO) Stewart Butterfield, Pixar’s (DIS) Ed Catmull, and Oracle’s (ORCL) Larry Ellison. Click here.

The leader in early returns — with 53% of votes cast as of Wednesday morning — is Steve Jobs.

Vox populi is clearly at variance with Fortune’s judges. They didn’t vote Apple’s grizzled CEO past the first round, in which he edged out Steve Wozniak.

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Colbert says “Zune Ownership – Proof You’re Crazy!”

Colbert says Zune Ownership Proof You’re Crazy

227D40E8-17E0-4EE9-AD0A-E4CC40B47E6F.jpgOn last night’s Colbert Report, Stephen gave advice to George Bush on how to go “completely nutball” so Sen. McCain can distance himself from the extremely unpopular president on the campaign trail. Not only did he tell Bush to wear a tinfoil jockstrap, he said the prez should buy a Zune. Really? Sure it’s market share is 4%, but what about the new software?

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The Three Stooges on iTunes

Picture 1.pngNeed a laugh, check out the Stooges on iTunes.

1934-1936, Larry, Moe and Curly are back and ready for your downloading pleasure.

ZipHolder – Paging Mr. Johnson!

ZipHolder – A Simple Solution To An Age Old Problem


By Andrew Liszewski

I guess when I think about it, the problem of your fly accidentally coming open really only dates back to the invention of the zipper. But even if it’s not an ‘age old’ problem, it’s still a problem, particularly if it’s ever happened to you. So this simple solution created by Lisa Sjövall seems so obvious that you have to wonder why it hasn’t been thought of or even incorporated into pants already. (At least I haven’t seen it before.) The ZipHolder is basically an elastic loop that fastens to the pull tag on your zipper. When it’s done up, the loop is placed around the button on your fly which prevents the zipper from accidentally coming open. In fact it’s so simple there’s really nothing else to say about it, so to fill out this post here’s a collection of euphemisms for your fly being open.

– Your zip code is invalid.
– Your pod bay door is open, Hal.
– You’re flying low.
– I thought you were crazy; now I see you’re nuts.
– Paging Mr. Johnson…
– You need to bring your tray table to the upright and locked position.

You can get the ZipHolder from SmartaSaker for about $6.40.

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Eeeeew! Study shows some computer keyboards are far dirtier than a toilet seat.

Eeeeew! Study shows some computer keyboards are far dirtier than a toilet seat.


In a study just published by Britain’s Which? Computing magazine, alarming levels of dangerous bacteria and other gross-out biological matter was found on many computer keyboards. A microbiologist examined and measured bacteria levels on 33 keyboards in a office, and one was found to be five times dirtier than the office toilet seat, carrying 150 times the acceptable limit of bacteria. Two others had ‘warning’ levels of bacteria, and a further two had elevated levels of coliform, which is usually associated with fecal matter.

Eating at your desk along with poor personal hygiene are primarily responsible for these problems, so it might make sense to invest in some kind of cleaning device. Some have also said that you can actually wash a standard keyboard in your dishwasher as long as you remove it before it melts in the dry cycle, but don’t take my word for it.

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iPhone Bike Mount – “The office is funny”…CRASH!

iPhone Bike Mount


The iPhone Bike Mount isn’t something that I’d want to see on our roads – after all, won’t it be a major distraction to cyclists as they zip down the asphalt while watching their favorite movie? Hopefully they won’t be so clueless to do so, but if you’re one who throws caution to the wind, the iPhone Bike Mount retails for $14.99. Not to mention having your iPhone hanging out there makes it vulnerable to the harsh elements, which might make you panic once it starts to rain.

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The Geekiest Wedding Rings Ever!

The Geekiest Wedding Rings Ever!

B17AE2F1-A8B3-4609-B8C1-30F2A8F35C30.jpgRemember when I asked you how geeky you were going to go for your wedding? Well, for those of you betrothed geeks who want something geeky and completely unique, check out Etsy artist Jana Bevick’s Cat 5 Compliant wedding ring set.

Made of sterling silver and an ethernet plug (if you don’t buy into the whole every-girl-needs-a-diamond thing), these rings could be the one-of-a-kind touch you’re looking for — for the geek wedding to end all geek weddings!

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What is Rick Rolling? CNN takes a look at this Viral hit!

CNN tries to explain how an ’80s hearthrob has found new life online with a viral hit phenomenon. ITN’s Stephanie West reports.

Picture 6.png