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iTunes – five billion sales!

iTunes Store cracks five billion sales mark
Total, worldwide music sales at the iTunes Store have crested the five billion songs mark, Apple has announced. The store was first launched in April of 2003, and currently hosts over eight million tracks from major and independent labels; it is also hosted in close to two dozen countries, ranging from Canada and the United States to Japan and Australia. Apple additionally claims that it is selling or renting 50,000 movies per day, drawn from a library of more than 2,000 titles. Only 350 of these are in HD resolutions.

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Cold Play Releases new Album Today!

Picture 2.png

Check it out HERE!

iTunesMenu 0.1

iTunesMenu 0.1

About iTunesMenu

A menubar item for seeing what song is playing in iTunes.

iTunesMenu has options for controlling iTunes with hotkeys,

and showing Growl notifications when the song has changed.

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RadioHead catalogue now on iTunes

The band’s entire music catalogue and videos now available for sale through iTunes! enjoy!

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Check it out HERE.

Blackberry 9000 will get iTunes sync

Blackberry 9000 will get iTunes sync
Smartphone fans are excited about yesterday’s announcement of the Blackberry 9000, aka Blackberry Bold, aka Research In Motion’s iPhone killer. But Blackberry users are a different breed than iPhone users–the Blackberry’s reason for existence is always-connected e-mail, and Blackberry users tend to be all business, afraid of being out of touch for even a moment. (An old friend in Washington D.C.–where Blackberry users are legion–had to make a vow after her third child was born not to check her e-mail after 6 p.m.)
(Credit: RIM)
So while the iPhone grew out of the iPod, and thus counts music playback as one of its primary features, the Blackberry Bold focuses more on its core communications features–e-mail, messaging, and telephony–as well as new physical improvements, like a bright color screen. You can see this focus in the first detailed hands-on review of the product at, where media playback isn’t even mentioned until part III (of IV) and gets no more than a paragraph. And 1GB of onboard memory isn’t really enough for serious music listeners anyway, although it’s expandable to 16GB.

But the clearest indication of all: while the 9000 might echo past Blackberries and ship with a Roxio application for organizing music on your PC and transferring it to your phone, RIM is also preparing a new application called Blackberry Media Sync that will let you use Apple’s iTunes to transfer files to the phone. Of course, once you do get music onto the device, a relatively powerful internal stereo speaker system might actually make listening without headphones a reasonable option–sort of like the boombox of tomorrow. The iPhone’s speakers are apparently not quite up to the task.

Still, for music fans in desperate need of a new phone–like me–the iPhone is still the most obvious choice, especially now that a 3G model is almost certainly on the way. But if you’re already a Blackberry fan, or are primarily concerned with having access to e-mail at all times, the 9000 seems like the clearest alternative to the iPhone.”

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Closed-captioned Movies on iTunes

Search for Closed-captioned Movies on iTunes5CB04747-3E77-46A3-8AFF-320F6D6166DF.jpg
As many of you know, one of the popular features of this site is the frequently-updated list of all the closed-captioned movies on iTunes located at ( . However, I have just recently found out that iTunes already has a way to do this.

To search for closed-captioned movies on iTunes, select Search… under the Store menu. Once you are on the search screen, select Movies from the drop down menu on the left. Lastly, check the checkbox that says Search movies that are available with Closed Captioning . Then, just click the Search button. You should see all the movies available with closed captioning in the search result.”

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The Three Stooges on iTunes

Picture 1.pngNeed a laugh, check out the Stooges on iTunes.

1934-1936, Larry, Moe and Curly are back and ready for your downloading pleasure.

Warner Bros. to Release Movies for Apple TV and On Demand Same Day as DVD

Warner Bros. to Release Movies for Apple TV and On Demand Same Day as DVD [Home Entertainment]

CB45F1B5-9C58-4D0D-96C6-ABD00FF8B00C.jpgThe format war over, and Blu-ray safely enthroned as the victor, Warner can now turn its sights beyond—to downloads and the infinite format war. Time Warner’s chief executive announced today that Warner Bros. will release movies for on-demand systems like Comcast’s and Apple TV on the same day they are released on DVD from now on.

Warner’s been toying around with it for a little while and been increasingly open to internet distribution, so it doesn’t come as a major surprise. Interestingly, according to their numbers, offering same-day releases on the internet only eats into DVD rentals by 3-5 percent, and actually increases sales. Plus, online rentals/sales double bring them more than double the profit margin of physical discs, so everybody wins, except for Blockbuster. (So Hollywood really does have nothing to fear from online distribution.)

The best news though? Head of Warner’s home video said that they’re trying to make online rentals “at least as lenient” as grabbing a DVD from Blockbuster, breaking open that 24-hour window. Now that would be a deathblow for Blockbuster. [<A href=”;

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internet radio support for Apple TV

Apple TV offers limited internet radio support

6A94D350-1388-4265-AB94-B16976B0B3A7.jpgApple TV Source notes that the latest 2.0.2 update makes internet radio work a little better with the Apple TV. Basically you can play internet radio streams on the Apple TV if you have it synced to an iTunes computer with a playlist containing the streams. Before the update the source computer had to be on for this to work. Now, however, the Apple TV will retain the playlist even without the iTunes computer until it is restarted (it will retain the playlists even if put to sleep). The original post has complete instructions.

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iTunes adds Five classic TV shows

Five classic TV shows released on iTunes
Picture 3.pngApple today unveiled five classic television series on the iTunes store: 21 Jump Street, Hunter, The Greatest American Hero, Wiseguy, and Silk Stalkings.
The release comes as Stephen J. Cannell Productions teams up with New Video to offer the content on iTunes, with The Commish and Renegade to show up in the following months. The classic series’ are offered with the option of buying a Season Pass at a discount.

“I’m very pleased to be working with New Video and having some of our most popular television series, available for the first time, to the many millions of iTunes customers,” said Cannell. “I’m hoping that these series, that originally aired in the 80’s and 90’s, prove to be as entertaining online and on portable devices as they were when first broadcast on network television.”

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