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New iPod Touch in September?

iPod touch shortages suggest new iTouch in September

There are those among you who enjoy constantly pointing out your disappointment with the iPod touch. There are plenty of iPod touch users out there, this writer included, that are perfectly happy with the device. It might not make the most competent iPod, but for me, its Internet capabilities and upcoming app-store compatibility make the device, leaving its audio-playing capabilities as a secondary thought.

Amid the iPhone 3G hoopla, Apple hasn’t forgotten about us, either. AppleInsider is speculating that a reported reduction in 16GB iPod touch inventory at Best Buy stores and an increased lead time for the 8GB model online could point to new models appearing in September (ship times are now back to 24 hours, but the rest still seems relevant).

This news comes after Apple launched its back-to-school promotion giving an 8GB iPod touch to students who purchase a new Mac, and the possible introduction of new models would happen after the promo comes to an end. With the potential for a $199 iPhone, many are also feeling that the iPod touch will need a price adjustment or large feature increases to continue to be a relevant part of Apple’s product line.

While I would love to see added features (a camera would be nice), I’m not entirely sure they are necessary. It seems much more likely that instead the iPod touch will receive a storage bump, a slight form-factor change, or the addition of a white model. If you ask me (and I know you didn’t), those holding out for Bluetooth or GPS are going to be disappointed come September.

(Via Apple Section – Ars Technica)


Mac OS X 10.6 to debut at WWDC 08?

Rumor: Mac OS X 10.6 to debut at WWDC 08?
TUAW has received some information that suggests Apple may be working to seed developers with an early build of Mac OS X 10.6 at this year’s WWDC. 10.6 will not include any new significant features from 10.5; instead, Apple is focusing solely on “stability and security.”

We have also learned that OS X 10.6 may go gold master by December 2008 in an effort to start shipping it in January ’09 at Macworld Expo. Mac OS X 10.6 will be a milestone release for Apple, as it will leave the PowerPC behind: a fully 64-bit clean, Intel-only Mac OS X.

This information makes us wonder about universal applications — how much longer will they exist? With Apple leaving pre-Intel Macs behind before the end of the decade, this could mark the end of the Intel transition, as Apple (and presumably many third-party developers) will be focusing only on the newer Mac architecture.

Of course, this leaves open a critical question — what will this new OS version be codenamed? We’ve got our hunches, but we can’t leave you out of the guessing game.

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Rumor Roundup: 3G iPhone

Rumor Roundup: 3G iPhone

iPhone 08_w300.jpg

With seven days to go before WWDC, the 3G iPhone rumor mill is pretty much on fire. Some of the rumors are pretty bonkers, but most of the more popular ones are pretty darn reasonable. In the name of science, we’ve pushed all of the rumors through our FCF (Fanboy Crap Filter), and rated the more likely rumors on the PKL (Pre-keynote Legitometer) scale. Lets take a look:

Rumor: It’ll be announced during the WWDC keynote
PKL Rating: 10/10 – With just about everyone expecting the announcement, Apple’s gotta do it. Not doing so would be a bad move for their stock.

Rumor: It’ll ship on the same day as the announcement
PKL Rating: 5/10 – As nice as this would be, I can’t imagine how they’d manage to keep the secret. Maybe if it were limited to Apple stores on launch day, but it’s crazy to think that the employees at some of the one-or-two-people-per-shift AT&T shops could fight the temptation to crack open the boxes and fire off pictures to everybody they know. People regularly risk being fired to leak info on much smaller news items. Giving it a full week to get shipped all over the country, I’d expect it to hit around June 16th.

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Rumor: Front-facing Camera
PKL Rating: 7/10 – One of the primary reasons for a front facing camera is video calling, which has been floundering around untapped for years now. It’s entirely feasible, and a number of handsets have it implemented to some degree – especially outside of the US. Unfortunately, it remains stunted by the absence of a handset not only popular enough to make it commonplace, but also technically capable on the hardware and network side. The 3G iPhone would be a mighty fine platform to pave the way – it’ll be plenty popular, be on a fast enough network, and Apple’s got plenty of proven experience with video communication after iChat AV.

Rumor: It’ll have GPS beyond the current Wi-Fi solution
PKL Rating: 8/10 – People’s view on this one tends to vary greatly based on where they live. Major city dwellers see no reason for it, with the Wi-Fi based GPS doing the job for them just fine. Talk to anyone who lives or travels where WiFi density is abysmal, and they’re hurtin’ for something else. My guess? It’ll be a combination of the current SkyHook WiFi solution and aGPS, falling back on the latter to boost accuracy when WiFi signals aren’t adequate.

Rumor: Stereo Bluetooth support.
PKL Rating: 9/10 – That stereo bluetooth (A2DP) support hasn’t been on the iPhone from day one is crazy. Sure – between random tempo changing and poor quality, it’s something that a good majority of handsets screw up – but come on, Apple. Music and wireless are your things, now. They go together well, so lets get this stupid wire out of my face while I’m running. With Leopard coming out of the box with A2DP support, Apple’s at least warming up to the idea.

Rumor: 3 megapixel Camera
PKL Rating: 10/10 – That is, it oughtta be at least 3 megapixels. The current iPhone rocks a 2 megapixel camera. The SGOLD3 chipset rumored to be in use on the 3G iPhone supports up to 5. Any thing less than a full megapixel bump would be underwhelming.

Rumor: It’ll be 22% slimmer
PKL Rating: 8/10 – Totally reasonable. 22% sounds like a whole lot, but it only shaves it down to around 9.1 mm – still a bit thicker than the iPod touch. Slimming things down between revisions is by no means a new addition to Apple’s bag of tricks.

(Via MobileCrunch.)

GPS, Video Conferencing, TV all in the 3G iPhone???

3G iPhone with GPS, Video Conferencing, TV? (French) reports that based on a source in Swisscom, Switzerland will be getting the iPhone this summer.

By itself, this news is not that surprising, as there have been a growing number of reports of the iPhone being delivered internationally in the coming months. Unique to this source, however, is the report that the iPhone would come with GPS, Video Conferencing and Mobile TV functionality.

GPS and video conferencing (with front-sided camera) have both been rumored for the next generation iPhone, but the addition of mobile television is new.”

(Via macrumors.)

.Mac push e-mail coming to iPhone 2.0???

.Mac push e-mail coming to iPhone 2.0?

21ED550A-7F1B-48E3-AF36-B9C9141DBD4C.jpg A certain, unnamed individual sent TUAW some pictures of the latest build of the iPhone firmware showing .Mac push e-mail. The picture shows the main Settings page with a new button: “Fetch new data.” When you click the button, you are taken to a list of your mail accounts, where you can choose between either “fetch” or “push.”

While .Mac is offering push e-mail, you are currently not able to do contact or calendar syncing.

(Via (TUAW).)

More “leaked” 3G iPhone pics!

More “leaked” 3G iPhone shots hit the web


For those that need to be in the know about the very latest supposedly-leaked 3G iPhone shots that hit the web this week, we’ve got you covered — but we’re not convinced, especially of the device on the right. The shots on the left do at least seem to be crafted around those supposed size and shape leaks we saw the other day though, so bonus points there for playing into another current rumor to rack up a small bit of credibility. Still, in our best Rick James voice, Photoshop’s a hell of a tool.

Read – Left four shots appear on Chinese phone forum
Read – Shot on the right from AppleInsider

(Via Engadget.)

Next-Gen iPhone???

Next-gen iPhone spotted in the wild?


Well here’s an interesting one. French iPhone blog got these pics from an anonymous and unverified source, and while there’s no way of telling if the shots are legit, they certainly have a truthy ring to them. They follow what we know so far about the shape, size and color of the upcoming 3G iPhone, and while there’s always the possibility of knockoff, a Photoshop job, or some other evil plot to mislead us, we’re certainly not going to discount these shots entirely in the runup to iPhone’s second coming.

(Via Engadget.)

iPhone Rumors keep on Coming!!! iPhone template hints at new design?

Leaked iPhone template hints at new design?
688ECE9A-14A1-4245-AC5F-42D9E6FE67E0.jpgAs the impending 3G iPhone release approaches, rumors of its potential design, specifications, and features are abound, but some theorize that people are confusing multiple devices which could indicate an “iPhone nano”.

iLounge writes that select launch partners have supposedly received design templates that point to a 3.5-inch screen on the new version, countering observations that put the screen size at 2.8-inches.

The templates show a slightly tapered design on the top and bottom, which contrasts the current model’s relatively consistent thickness. It also indicates additional sensor positions (potentially a second front-facing camera), a slightly rounded face, and several color options – white, black, and red.

The bottom of the potential iPhone design shows large cutouts where the speaker grills are located on the current model, with two additional holes and a rounded dock connector. “

(Via MacNN.)

Free Wi-Fi Access to iPhone Users???

AT&T Providing Free Wi-Fi Access to iPhone Users
A couple of readers (of MacRumors) have reported that AT&T hotspots are now offering free Wi-Fi access to iPhone users. AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots at Barnes and Noble as well as Starbucks are now offering iPhone users a custom portal to access free Wi-Fi. A special iPhone formatted page asks for your mobile phone number. Once entered, you can access the Wi-Fi access for free. MacRumors has been able to confirm this finding at a local Barnes and Noble. Blurry photo provided:


AT&T recently partnered with Starbucks to provide Wi-Fi access to Starbucks’ 7000 stores nationwide. This partnership allowed existing AT&T broadband customers free access and AT&T promised that it would “soon extend the benefits of Wi-Fi at Starbucks to its wireless customers”, but no official announcement has yet been made

(Via MacRumors.)

Rumor Time: New iTunes App for the iPhone

0C281E41-AE23-4F57-AD3D-73E9000E57AD.jpgRumor: Apple Developing a New iTunes App for the iPhone

Come June, your iPod Touch and iPhone could double as a universal remote for your iTunes library. According to a TUAW tipster, new code found in the latest iPhone firmware release indicates that Apple is working on a new application called iControl that will let you connect wirelessly to local iTunes libraries and control videos, podcasts, music and even support shuffle playback. Of course, you can already do this with a number of third party applications, namely IOSpirit’s AJAX-based Remote Buddy. But no one ever said Apple wouldn’t be swiping some of the best third party developer ideas and making its own native versions.

(Via Wired News.)