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.Mac troubles and tips!

.Mac troubles and tips from Apple for the MobileMe switch


Throughout the day I have noticed troubles with the .Mac service. Earlier this morning MacNN reported that the homepage was down and the service was experiencing extended worldwide outages.

While I haven’t had a complete outage, and the website currently works for me, I have not been able to log onto iChat, and have noticed fluctuations in the responsiveness of my email.

Apple has been publishing updates on explaining how things will change with the service transition and even offering tips on how to make things as smooth as possible.

…there are a few things we recommend you do in advance to prepare for MobileMe:
1. Set up your Mac to sync contacts and calendar.
2. Upgrade your browser to the latest version of Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.
3. Watch the MobileMe Guided Tour.
Due to its use of new technologies, MobileMe will only work correctly with Mac OS X version 10.4.11 or later. However, Mac OS X Leopard is strongly recommended to allow you to take full advantage of all that MobileMe has to offer.
To make sure you’re running the latest version of Mac OS X, select About This Mac in the Apple menu and click Software Update.

For those of you wondering your email isn’t going to change, but when things do switch over you will also have an email address that you can use.

(Via Apple Gazette.)


Screenshots of Entire Webpage

Take Screenshot of Entire Webpage

A great tip from USINGMAC :

There are times when you want to take screenshot of webpages, but obviously you can’t use simple print screen which can only take part of the webpage as big as your screen display. So what should you do to capture the whole webpage?

Saft Safari Plugin

Recently, I’ve found this nice Safari plugin called Saft, which is a Shareware. Saft gives you ability to have a screenshot of entire webpage and save it as a PDF file with a single click.



If you don’t like to export the webpage as PDF, you got other alternative application called Paparazzi!. After downloading Paparazzi! 0.4.3, you can capture the entire webpage in various formats: JPEG, PDF, PNG or TIFF by providing the url for the page.



Mac video/text Tutorials! Tons…..FREE!!!

Apple Video and Text Tutorials

There are tons of helpful Video and Text Tutorials on Apple’s web site – For beginners, switchers and Mac Geeks! Check em’ out, I’m sure there is something for you too!


Apple video tutorials:

Get Started With Mac
Anatomy of a Mac
Move to Mac
Windows on a Mac
Wireless Basics
Setting Up Your Wireless Network
Wireless Printing, Backup, and More

Text tutorials

Customizing Your Mac
Customize Your Mighty Mouse
Customize Your Mac With a Screen Saver
See Your Way Clear With Exposé
Open Applications Automatically on Start-up
Quickly Switch Between Applications
Dictionary Definitions in One Click
Go Home
Backup Your Music, Photos, and Other Documents
Quickly Activate Your Screensaver
Take a Quick Look
Capturing Screenshots
Using the Dock
Change the Position of the Dock
Add an Application to the Dock
Remove an Application from the Dock
Using Mail
Email a PDF
Quickly Email a Photo
Add an RSS Feed to Mail
Email a Web Link Instantly
Using Addressbook
Fill Out Forms Quickly
Automatically Add Email Addresses in Mail
Create a Birthdays Calendar
Using Safari
Blocking Internet Ads
Create Your Own Dashboard Widget
Create a Bookmark
Open a Web Page from the Dock
Using iCal
Share an iCal Schedule
Subscribe to an iCal Calendar
Using iChat
Add a Buddy to iChat
Create a Buddy Icon with Photo Booth

Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts


I was looking for a short cut today and realized this might be helpful to others. So here ya go! MAC KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS

flip it,flip it good! ¡looɔ sı sıɥʇ ‘ʇıɯpɐ oʇ ǝʌɐɥ noʎ uo ǝɯoɔ

¡dılɟ ʇno ʞɔǝɥɔ ˙ǝʞoɾ slooɟ lıɹdɐ ɐ ɹoɟ ǝʇɐl ooʇ ʇou s,ʇı


Tips for importing old email to Gmail

Tips for importing old email to Gmail

Picture 2.png
If you don’t have a Gmail account, get one. It comes with gigs and gigs of storage, you never have to throw anything awayl and oh yea and it’s FREE!

When you get the spanking new Gmail account, here is some help getting that “old” e-mail imported into your new account.


Apple TV on your Mac!!!

Apple TV on Mac


Ever wanted to run Apple TV on your Macintosh?
ATV4mac 1.4.3 lets you do just that–with a few limitations. It’s a Tiger-only, Intel-only release. You’ll need OS X 10.4.8 and higher and Leopard is a no-go at this time.

With it, you can run Apple TV take 2 as a Front-Row style Macintosh application, which can be a very nice thing if you plan on using a spare mac mini as an Apple TV replacement. Your mileage, as they say, will vary.

I can’t wait to try it!

(Via The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW).)

Mobile Phone or iPod dropped in Water? Rice to the Rescue!

Dropped your Mobile Phone or iPod in Water? Rush to the Kitchen

What is the next step that you would take if your expensive mobile phone or iPod gets wet in the rain or your drop it in a wash basin?


Such accidents are not very uncommon. Adam Curry once dropped his iPhone in the toilet. Venadium went for a swim while the iPod was still in his pocket. Leo Laporte did something similar to his cell phone. Virgo soaked his iPod when a bottle of Diet Coke fell over his trousers.

Since the warranty for most electronics does not cover water damage, what can you do to revive that wet gadget ? The answer is in your kitchen.

Power off the device (if it’s not off already) and try to completely cover the iPod or iPhone in a bowl of rice. Rice being a natural desiccant will help absorb the excess moisture. Let it try for at least 24 hours and DO NOT try to charge the device.

If your gadget has a removable battery, dry it separately to speed up the whole drying process.

This home-remedy is cheap and worth giving a try before you rush to the Apple store for a replacement.

Ernesto Londoño successfully managed to fix his wet BlackBerry phone after he left the device soaked overnight in a bowl of uncooked rice.

(Via Digital Inspiration.)