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Apple files for gaming, iPhone, online store patents

Apple files for gaming, iPhone, online store patents

Several new Apple patent applications have today been published by the US Patent and Trademark Office. Three of these are connected to the iPhone and the iPod touch; of the group, one describes the ability to rearrange the Home screen, while another documents the unique touchscreen keyboard that displays in functions such as writing e-mail.

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Weekly News from march 11th

Breaking News – 40 million can’t buy me love or some tunes! Roll over Beethoven! Yesterday I was the fool on the hill, just another day in the life, with the internet buzz about the Beatles FINALLY coming to iTunes, a 40 million dollar deal. I should have let it be but after a hard days night sleep, today it’s reported, “Apple, labels deny Beatles deal reached” Help! What are we back in the USSR? Can’t they just come together and say we can work it out? Or will there have to be a revolution? I should have known better, will I ever get to download their great music in my life, maybe when I’m sixty-four….

Get your game on for less $$! Microsoft just announced an 80 euros ($122) price drop on the XBox! So now the US gamers are crossing their fingers and hoping we’re next!

News – MacBook Air is confusing security and causing people to miss flights. The lack of a drive and its simple form factor is making older TSA agents scratch their heads in amazement. Michael Nygard was held up as security staff gathered around his MacBook Air, trying to make sense of the slender laptop/notebook and the hold up made him miss his flight! So if you are traveling with the new laptop, get to the airport early and look for the hippest TSA agent.

Gadgets of the Week – Sure it’s just an external hard drive…but it’s cool looking!

The user-friendly LaCie Desktop Hard Disk is easy for anyone to set up and use. This high-capacity, cost-efficient storage solution comes with USB 2.0 for connecting to your PC or Mac. Plug & backup baby!

Another cool gadget this week is Belkin’s Mini Surge Protector with USB Charger. Hotel rooms and airport terminals never seem to have enough power outlets to charge all the devices we techies travel with, well here’s your answer. For the “geek on the go” it’s a must have!

Belkin’s Mini Surge Protector with USB Charger

Belkin’s Mini Surge Protector with USB Charger

It’s really about time someone released a portable power strip with USB charging. Really, honestly, we don’t know what took ’em so long — it’s frigging 2008, everything’s been USB-powered for a couple years now. Hat tip to you, Belkin, for the Mini Surge Protector with USB Charger, which goes for $25 or so.

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Apple close to a deal for Beatles tunes?!?

Reports: Apple close to a deal for Beatles catalog

Reports in several British newspapers say that former Beatle Paul McCartney has given his approval to make the Fab Four’s song catalog available on Apple’s iTunes in the coming months according to CNet’s blog. Britain’s Telegraph reports that the deal could be worth $600 million.
A spokesman for Apple Corps, the Beatles record label.

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iPhone Gets Unlimited Voice Plan

iPhone Gets Unlimited Voice PlaniPhone Gets Unlimited Voice Plan

If you’re a chatterbox and have a cell phone glued to your ear for most of the day, then unlimited calling plans are definitely your best friend. The iPhone plan from AT&T now comes with an unlimited voice plan, where $120 a month will net you an unlimited voice and data plan rolled into one. The catch would be subscribing to this plan for at least two years, and there is no unlimited SMS attached so make sure you get the message across verbally instead of through typing. Give us the 3G iPhone already.

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mini VS Mini

Everex gPC mini against Mac Mini?Everex gPC mini against Mac Mini?

It is true that these two could be potential arch-enemies, but the thing that annoys me the most is that it would not have cost a whole lot more to get a decent, not great, but *decent* design for the Everex computer (yes, I dislike the bright patch on the front). Couldn’t they make the whole thing black? It would have been even less expensive to produce. Question: do Linux users care about design? Add a comment below.

I like the form-factor of these small computers, but unless I can turn them into media centers (the TV Tuner is missing) or unless I want to do a crazy mod.

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“Couch Surfer”

Apple TV Web Browser Safari HD Rechristened “Couch Surfer”

safarihd-menu.jpgThat awesome little native web browser for Apple TV, Safari HD, is no more. It emerges from the crucible of Apple Legal as Couch Surfer—as we like to say, more original, more better. [Apple TV Hacks]


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