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And the fastest browser is…Starts with an S

And the fastest browser is…

7F7A7E84-3108-420F-9658-6264468A55FF.jpgWhich is the world’s fastest browser? According to Zimbra, Safari runs fastest, though it didn’t beat out Firefox by much. Both Safari and Firefox were roughly twice as fast as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7.

Of course, Zimbra was testing for how these browsers perform with the Zimbra Web application. Your mileage may vary with other applications. In fact, I’d love to see a wide range of tests for different sites and applications. Who’s next?

As an aside, I continue to be impressed at how Zimbra treats non-Microsoft platforms as first-class citizens (along with Microsoft). Firefox is the same way. Both allow you to run on the Mac, for example, without losing any functionality that you’d find in Windows/IE.

It’s called great code. Weak developers write code that limps on anything but Windows. Great developers write code that ports well to diverse platforms.

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Emailing a link! Cool Tip!

E-mailing a link!

To email a url that is loaded in Safari with Mail, you simply have to drag the small icon at the left of the url and while holding on to it, pressing “Command-Tab” and dropping the url on Mail.

(Via A New Mac Tip Every Day.)

Sync .Mac Bookmarks with Safari before June 30, 2008…or loose them FOREVER!

Sync .Mac Bookmarks with Safari before June 30, 2008

Right from the horses (Apples) mouth!

Sync .Mac Bookmarks with Safari before June 30, 2008

As part of the transition from .Mac to MobileMe, Web access to .Mac Bookmarks ends on June 30, 2008 (06-30-2008). After this date, you will no longer be able to access or update your bookmarks at (

To avoid losing any existing .Mac Bookmarks, sync them with Safari on your Mac before June 30, 2008.

Products Affected
.Mac, MobileMe

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Windows Software Update Utility Gets Fixed

Apple fixes Windows Software Update utility

7BB0379B-CC95-41E8-B26C-3B79A1F28D02.jpgFollowing considerable public criticism, Apple has release a new version of its Software Update utility for Windows, bringing it to v2.1. The patch is available through the current version of Software Update — bundled with programs such as iTunes — and addresses an earlier policy of Apple, under which Safari 3.1 would be pushed to Windows users whether they wanted it or not, as if they had already downloaded the application previously. Some have accused Apple of trying to artificially improve the distribution of the Safari web browser in the Windows sphere.
Safari continues to appear as a default checked item in Update 2.1, but has been moved to the “New Software” category, and so is readily identifiable as non-essential. New versions of Safari should now also stop triggering the automatic appearance of Software Update, unless users do in fact already have an earlier edition.

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“Arrange in Front” in Safari!

“Arrange in Front” in Safari!

A great tip:

7BB0379B-CC95-41E8-B26C-3B79A1F28D02.jpgThis is a hidden feature from Safari’s “Window” menu. By default, it is “Bring All to Front”, but when you hold down “Option”, it switches to “Arrange in Front”. What it seems to do is align all Safari windows in an ordered manner.

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Safari 3.1.1 – Get it while it’s HOT!

Safari 3.1.1 released
EF724A03-C9D9-423F-95C2-0ECE5FB793AC.jpgSafari 3.1.1 is now available for both Windows and OS X. According to Apple, this update “includes improvements to stability, compatibility and security.”

On the security front, this security bulletin outlines the changes. It appears as if a vulnerability existed that could allow malicious sites to spoof URL headers or execute arbitrary code. There are two issues that specifically affect the Windows version of Safari, so users on both platforms should be sure to update.
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(Via The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW).)

The most popular mobile browser in US – Safari

Safari: most popular mobile browser in US

C9DA0DE3-4F87-4325-BFCF-3DD24B5B51CB.jpgStatCounter today revealed that Safari is the most popular web browser in use in the United States, surpassing Windows Mobile, Palm, and Opera by a wide margin. According to Yahoo, Safari occupies 0.23 percent of US web traffic, with Nokia devices coming in at around 0.08 percent.

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Save Time – Use Tabs in Safari 3.1

TMO Quick Tip – Quick Tabs in Safari 3.1

Jeff Gamet provides a VERY handy tip:

Tabbed browsing can save lots of Desktop space if you like to keep several Web browser windows open at the same time. Safari makes it easy to make new browser tabs with its Command-T keyboard shortcut, but if you are using Safari 3.1, you can Double-click to create new tabs, too.

To create a new Safari tab with your mouse, just Double-click in the Tab Bar. Safari will create a new tab and automatically select it as your active browser window.



Weekly News for March 25th 2008

The best nerd news out there for the week of March 25th.


News – It looks like the XM and Sirius just got the go ahead to merge! It's amazing what $5 billion dollars can do. What does this mean to the customers? Well according to Sirius CEO Mel Karmazin, he has repeatedly promised cheaper and better programming. So we will cross our fingers and hope for the best!

Windows Vista Service Pack 1 has FINALLY been released and I have not heard anything good or bad so far. I heard rumblings about some versions messing things up, changing settings etc., you know the same ol' thang!

Photoshop Elements 6 has shipped for Mac owners -$99! This is great news for anyone needing a cheaper alternative to Photoshop and looking for a better way to edit photos than good ol' iPhoto.

Mac's OS X turns seven this week. I can't believe it has been seven years already, I remember when it was still young and awkward…aww the memories.

Apple has released an updated version of the Safari web browser with a slew of performance, compatibility, and reliability tweaks. Safari 3.1 also adds support for CSS 3 web fonts, HTML 5 audio and video elements, and other web standards (plus lots of other nerd things). Oh yeah, it is suppose to be SUPER fast too!

Rumors – This has been a great week for rumors, first up is the one about Apple in discussions with the big music companies about a radical new business model that would give customers free access to its entire iTunes music library in exchange for paying a premium for its iPod and iPhone devices. Really?!?

Next up – Flash would finally be coming to the iPhone. One day the whole web is a buzz about the union, the next day, Adobe denies the whole thing! Wah Wah

Last but not least – For all you Mac Mini lovers out there, rumor has it the mini is not dead but will be receiving a complete overhaul and become a contender one more time!

Gadget – The coolest conversational piece ever! The Rubik's Cube table is inspired by the classic toy we all grew up with…and still have today! Makes a great end table, or put two together as a coffee table. But keep in mind they are $600 a pop! Wow, now that's expensive nostalgia.

Safari 3.1 supports Web 2.0


Apple releases Safari 3.1 supports Web 2.0Apple today introduced the free Safari 3.1, what the company says the world’s fastest Web browser for Mac and Windows PCs…”

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