Top Nine iPhone 2.0 Rumors

Want to know all about the next generation iPhone? Apple’s lips are sealed. But why should that stop iPhone prognosticators from spilling what they think are the beans.

As pent up excitement for the next-generation iPhone builds rumors are popping up everywhere. However, not until Steve Jobs pulls out the next-gen iPhone from his pocket at his keynote at Apple’s June World Wide Developers Conference will we really know what’s new for the Apple’s next iPhone.

Here is a rumor roundup of what is expected so far:


3G iPhone

Apple will release a faster iPhone capable of connecting to “3G” mobile networks. Sources for this rumor are varied. Gartner analyst Ken Dulaney Apple has placed an order of 10 million 3G iPhones from an undisclosed Asian manufacturer. Dulaney told the Web site iPodObserver he knows this because he was told by an “Asian source.”

3G iPhone rumors seem a bit more credible that come from those who have dissected Apple’s iPhone 2.0 software released to developers. Buried deep inside are “SGOLD3” references that indicate the use of a chipset made by Infineon that supports 3.5G – doubling current iPhone mobile data rates of to 7.2MBps.


How much will the next generation iPhone cost? Plan to fork over $599 for a new 32GB iPhone, according to speculators at TG Daily. The report continues stating an 8GB iPhone will run you $399 and a 16GB will be $499. Following the release of the 32GB iPhone will be the release of a 64GB iPod Touch.

Thinner, More Styling

Larger capacities won’t equal more heft. In fact the iPhone will be slimmed down 2.5 millimeters, according to IntoMobile. The slim down makes the iPhone new casing as thick as the current iPod Touch.

The slimmer body of the iPhone will also accompany a more upscale look according IntroMobile. Without explaining how, IntroMobile says, the next iPhone will have a “less ‘plasticy’ feel.”

Design Tweak

A report from iPodObserver contradicts IntroMobile claiming the next iPhone will have more plastic. iPod Observer says Apple will replace the satin nickel finish on the iPhone’s back with a glossy black plastic back.

Better Built-In Camera

Don’t like iPhone’s limited 2-megapixel camera? Well there is good news according to iPhone speculation found at Wired. According to Wired, thanks to the rumored introduction of the Infineon chipset, the iPhone will be able to handle a 5-megapixel iPhone camera.

Push E-Mail

Not only does the hardware reportedly get an update, but so do iPhone features, according to a variety of sources.

One addition found in the beta iPhone 2.0 firmware are business friendly features that support secure “push” email similar to BlackBerry, according to AppleInsider. AppleInsider reports that the next generation iPhone will support Microsoft’s business e-mail server software Microsoft Exchange.

Contact Search, Meeting Invitations

Support for Exchange increase the likelihood of rumors coming from Engadget that say Apple will introduce iPhone contacts search and meeting invites. The advanced contact and calendar management would make the iPhone more attractive to business users.

Nike iPhone

StuffTV is reporting that Apple’s standing relationship with Nike will be expanded to the iPhone and iPod Touch. Currently Nike sells a sneaker accessory that can communicate with an iPod Nano allowing you to keep a training schedule for running at the same time keep records of the pace and duration of your workouts. According to StuffTV the software required to display training information will be extended from the Nano to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

GPS iPhone

Thanks to O’Grady’s PowerPage, which translated a report from Greek technology site iPhone Hellas, we can now get the latest iPhone rumors in Greece. iPhone Hellas says “secret” documents reveal the next iPhone will have built in support for Bluetooth headsets and possibly even GPS navigation.

(Via PCworld)

We will just what and see…..


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